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Date x,
Contact Name
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Company Name
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Dear Mr/Mrs_______:
I have recently initiated an aggressive job search campaign and am very interested in discussing the
position you have advertised in ______________. I have extensive backgrounds in ____________ and
______________, which I believe are in direct parallel with your needs at this time.
I am a highly capable
information systems and technology manager with the communications skills to work with customers, developers
and all levels of management. I am a thorough and analytical problem solver with broad experience in diverse
environments with complex technologies.
The accomplishments noted within the accompanying résumé will illustrate the value and vision that I can bring to
your team. My communications skills have allowed me to earn the trust and confidence of staff, management and
clients repeatedly, which fosters open communication and better results. In addition, I possess in-depth knowledge
of network design, administration, IT security and database administration with effective management expertise in
these areas. These skills are essential to achieving aggressive, stable growth.
As you will note, I am a skilled and experienced Information technology manager/senior manager/network security
(or specific role)
capable of resolving complicated issues swiftly in methods best suited to the business. I
have demonstrated the ability to provide leadership and direction that produces positive results. In addition, my
business acumen and management capabilities help to maintain long term growth while staying on the technology
fast track. My record illustrates this aspect of successful performance over the past several years. This is a trend
that I intend to continue long into the future.
In review of (name of company)______’s objectives and possible openings, I believe (name of company) is a
________ operation and that my experience is in perfect line with your current needs.
If your firm currently
has a need for a thorough and aggressive Manager/Senior Manager
(or specific title)
with a solid performance
track, I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my strengths and experience can bring to
your search. I can be reached in confidence at the above telephone number and look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
(sign your name here)


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