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Joseph H. Graduate
31, ave. Bosquet
75343 Paris Cedex 07
contact person’s name
company name
company address
Dear Mr./Ms. _____________:
As part of my senior course work, I was required to study the accounting practices of a medium-
sized firm. Knowing the reputation of your products, I selected (name of company) and spent
many hours reviewing your accounting reports and became even more impressed with your
organization and its people.
I anticipate a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Administration from The
American University of Paris this coming May. I am particularly interested in financial accounting,
but my background also includes special strengths in managerial accounting and a keen interest
in international business law. My goal is to move into corporate accounting.
You will find enclosed my resume detailing my duties as intern at UAP Assurances in Paris last
semester, as well as information on my current responsibilities as Treasurer of the university
Student Government Association. These experiences have allowed me to develop strong
teamwork skills, attention to detail and the ability to follow through on complex projects.
Because of my background and professional objectives, (name of company) is of special interest
to me. I hope that an interview may be arranged during my upcoming visit to New York, April 12
to 15. I can be reached at … if I may provide you with any additional information. Thank you for
your consideration.
Joseph H. Graduate


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