Sample Cover Letters Assistant To The Legal Director/ Human Resources Director


Kaitlyn J. Sanders
1500 Pearl St. #103
Denver, CO 80203
Ms. Nardos Lemma
Assistant to the Legal Director
Center for Constitutional Rights
666 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10012
RE: Ella Baker Internship Application
Dear Ms. Lemma:
I have worked with U.S. permanent residents from Iran who are detained because they are from Iran and
with day laborers who work and are not paid because their employers can get away with it. I have also
worked with women who have been raped and beaten, yet when the police show up, the woman is
arrested. These experiences are the reasons I went to law school and they are the reasons I want to work
for social change at the Center for Constitutional Rights.
My first semester of law school, I wrote a paper on the revival of the Alien Tort Claims Act.
This paper was my introduction to the CCR. I was captivated by the work CCR has done in the past and
equally so with the checks CCR provides on the government and multi national corporations today.
Since August, I have been working with a group of law students to bring accountability to employers who
exploit day laborers. The problem is huge. Employers, from small cleaning companies to large
construction firms building expensive lofts, hire undocumented workers and take advantage of their
vulnerable status by not paying them. We found a criminal statute in Colorado that spells out that these
actions are criminal. However, the statute has never been enforced. At this time, we have formed a
community coalition, and are working toward the enforcement of this statute.
Last summer, I created a pro bono immigration project at a domestic violence shelter. I recruited over
twenty-five immigration lawyers to donate a case to the shelter. Law students are now working to put the
cases together. With this project, legal representation is now assured for a population that might not
otherwise be guaranteed legal representation.
My interest is focused on the ability to positively effect social change through litigation, whether it is
corporate accountability, international human rights or social and economic justice. CCR would allow me
to use my skills and experiences to make contributions in these areas.
I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss my interest in CCR and the internship in an interview.
I will contact you in a week to follow up on the status of my application.
Kaitlyn J. Sanders
Kaitlyn J. Sanders


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