Attendance Sheet

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An attendance sheet is a document listing those attending an event, meeting or class. It usually lists the names of people present along with the date and signature of the person marking attendance. Attendance logs for courses or lessons can also include the grade and name of the course or subject, while spreadsheets for meetings or official events should list the occupation or rank of the participants. If you’re looking to track attendance for a specific event, the best option would be to make your own spreadsheet or to download a customizable PDF online.

How to Make an Attendance Sheet

The first step is to map out the basics: Do you need to list dates or is this a one-time event? Should the columns be big enough for additional notes? Will your attendance sheet feature boxes for grades or signatures? Make sure to leave enough space for listing all the extra participants in case there are more people than initially planned. It’s also a great idea to download a PDF attendance tracker, customize it and print out a whole batch to always have on-hand. These can be tailored to your specific event or activity - add any columns or boxes you need and save the file to your computer to use (or modify!) later.

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