Apa Paper Format With Instructions


Running head: SHORT TITLE
Include the page
On the first page, you should
number. you can
have the words "Running
do this by clicking
head" and then the name of
“Page #” in the
the lab in all caps. Click
"different first page" in the
menu of Microsoft
header options (in Microsoft
Word) to do this. Make sure to
select different first page
before you type anything into
the header on the first page.
Use Times New Roman or serif
font, 12pt size, with 1 inch
This is the Title of My Example APA Paper
margins on all sides of the
Megan A. Smith
Double space your paper AND
make sure to remove any extra
Rhode Island College
spaces between paragraphs.
To do this, go to Format, then
The Author Note is primarily
Paragraph. Where it says
for papers being submitted
“Spacing” put 0s in the “Before”
for peer-review. Students
and “After” boxes. Change line
writing APA papers for class
spacing to “double.”
should ask their instructor
whether an Author Note is
Author Note
The first paragraph of the author note is for affiliations. I would put: Megan A. Smith,
Department of Psychology, Rhode Island College. Here is where you would put affiliations and
departments for coauthors, if you have any.
In the second paragraph of the author note, put any grant support that helped fund the
writing of the paper.
Finally, indicate how interested people can reach you. I would put: Correspondence
concerning this article can be addressed to Megan A. Smith, Department of Psychology, Rhode
Island College, 600 Mount Pleasant Ave, Providence, RI 02908. Email: msmith1@ric.edu. It is
also customary to include a phone number here.
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