Creative Brief Template


Creative Brief Template
This questionnaire is a tool to help you gather the necessary information to compile your Creative Brief. Your Creative Brief
will describe the specific objectives, deliverables and strategies of your marketing campaign or a single piece of a
campaign such as a brochure, ad, or website, and will contain information about the target audience, what matters to them,
the specific marketing channels, the budget, timeline, and other key details about the project.
A well-written Creative Brief will help you define your project in such a way that everyone working on your project will have
a clear understanding of the vision, the strategy and the goals of the project so they can move forward with an
effectiveness and flow that produces the best results. Members on your team should be able to refer back to the creative
brief to help them answer questions about the right tone to use, what level of familiarity can be assumed, and so on.
Tips for Success
Answer the questions with lively and conversational language. Be clear and direct, and avoid using obscure,
meaningless marketing terms or buzzwords.
2. Gather input from ALL stakeholders. By including all stakeholders, you increase your chances of gaining their buy-in
as you move forward with design.
3. Keep it relevant, and get to the point. The goal is not to bore people with how many marketing terms you know, but to
craft a document that will serve as a useful guide for the members on your team.


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