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“Creative Brief” Template
For dept. name here
A Creative Brief is simply an overview of the project at hand, designed to document the scope of a project. Please complete
this short form as thoroughly as you can so that we can create a realistic proposal that meets your goals and expectations.
Thank you.
Project Title: here
(Project information, goals,
measurable objectives)
Deliverables Needed:
(Copy/text, design,
printed materials, # of web pages, mailing needs?)
Primary Audiences:
(Who are they, how will
they use this brochure or website, what should be
avoided in talking to these audiences)
Tone and Image:
(Funny and casual, or
formal, what do target audiences believe before your
nonprofit communicates with them, what tone and
imagery will be most effective, specific visual goals)
Messages: Features, Benefits and
(Prioritize the top features and/or facts
about the program, service or organization you’re
marketing, and its value to target audiences. Outline
how it compares to the competition. What’s the one
sentence that summarizes its unique value? Other
key points?)
(When must the message get to the
target audience for greatest impact? Due date for
finished work?)
The Deadline:
When must the message get to the audience
for maximum effect? (i.e. trade shows, events,
product intro dates)
When must we deliver the finished work?
How much money do you have to spend on
this project?
Has this budget been approved? By whom?
What quantities do you need to produce? (for
printed pieces)
(Who is the point person for review?
What is the review and approval process? Who will
sign off on final execution?)
Additional Information:
Amy M. Avery, Writer
(919) 639-0248


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