Creative Brief Template


Creative Brief
Background/Overview (What is the big picture, what's going on in the market, special expectations for
the project, political sensitivities, etc.)
Assignment (What are the deliverables you need in order to complete this project? List here all job
numbers related to this job.)
Budget Restraints (Identify what your overall budget is for this project. Be as specific as possible.)
Objective (A concise statement of the effect the campaign or collateral should have on
consumers/physician/market, expresses an action, focused on what we want the target to think, feel or
Look/Voice (What is the personality of the brand? The brand may stay the same but look/voice may
vary; i.e., heart vs. kids, serious, corporate, cutting-edge, emotional. Take time to think this through and
provide detail.)
Target Audience (Who is the ad speaking to, occupations, beliefs, hobbies, etc. Go beyond age and sex
to include demographics and psychographics.)
Message (What is the single most important thing you want to say - - simple sentence? What is THE
most important message? Contains a benefit to the consumer – think of it as a headline or subhead and
avoid generalities.)
Supporting Point1 (Here list the specific facts that support the message, list the rational and emotional
reasons for the target market to believe what we want them to believe and do what we want them to do.)
Supporting Point 2
Supporting Point 3


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