Creative Brief Template


Creative brief template
Client / Client contact information:
project name and description:
prepared by:
prOjECt nAME: bACkGrOunD AnD OVErViEw:
• Include why the project is needed and how it aligns to your business goals aka What’s the big picture? What’s going on in
the market?
• What’s the end goal of the project aka the effect the ad should have on consumers
• Where it will be displayed
DEADlinE:rElEAsE DAtE: whO is thE tArGEt AuDiEnCE?
• List the demographic you’re targeting with as much detail as you possible. aka Who are they?, Where are they?, What else
do we need to know about them?
hOw will this piECE pErsuADE thE AuDiEnCE tO pErfOrM thE DEsirED ACtiOn AbOVE?
whAt strAtEGiEs ArE usED?
• Eg. What’s the drive for them…(emotion, CTA, gain etc..)
• Talk about the tone of the video.
• List the rational and emotional reasons for consumers to believe and try the product/service you are offering


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