Independent Contractor Agreement Page 2


Contractor is responsible for all expenses necessary to fulfill the terms of this
Agreement including but not limited to meals, mileage and lodging. See
Independent Contractor Travel Expense Reimbursement Checklist for exceptions.
Contractor is an independent contractor and, therefore, no payroll taxes of any kind
shall be withheld from payments to Contractor not paid by Drake on behalf of
Contractor or any employees or assistants of Contractor. Contractor shall not be
treated as an employee, with respect to the services performed hereunder, for
federal or state tax purposes. Contractor shall be furnished, on a timely basis, with
an IRS For 1099. Contractor understands that it is Contractor’s responsibility to pay,
according to applicable law, Contractor’s own income taxes.
Because Contractor is engaged in Contractor’s own independently established
business, Contractor is not eligible for, and shall not participate in, any employee
benefit plan of Drake University.
Article IV – Insurance
Contractor shall be solely responsible for all of Contractor’s own insurance and shall
at all times maintain such types and amounts of insurance (including
automobile/liability insurance) appropriate to fulfill this Agreement. Contractor shall
comply with worker’s compensation laws concerning Contractor and any employees
or assistants of Contractor.
Article V – Termination
Either party may terminate this Agreement with fifteen (15) days written notice to the
other party.
Article VI – Miscellaneous
Any dispute under this Agreement or any related document shall be decided in the
courts in the state of Iowa.
This is the entire Agreement of the parties with respect to any matters covered
If any part of this Agreement shall be held to be unenforceable, the rest of this
Agreement nevertheless shall remain in full force and effect.
This Agreement may be supplemented, amended or revised only by further written
agreement executed by both parties.
Executed this ____________ day of ______________ 20__.


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