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About Cover Letter Writing
Resumes show that you can do the work. Cover letters show that you want to
Sample Format
do the work.
Your present address
The cover letter is placed on top of the resume and is usually the first part of
City, State & Zip Code
your presentation to prospective employers. Cover letters are written to
Preferred phone number
personalize the job application process. A quality cover letter should state the
E-mail address
specific skills you have that are required for the position you are seeking -
spotlight your unique qualifications for a particular job. To make a great first
Date of correspondence
impression you need a dynamic cover letter.
Name of Individual
Cover letters should:
Name or organization/company
Be directed to a specific individual if possible.
City, State & Zip Code
Be well researched and written – focused on the specific requirements of
the position for which you are applying.
Dear Dr. /Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. Last Name:
State only your very best qualifications.
Do not address “To whom it may concern.”
Request a meeting/interview with the potential employer.
Show knowledge of the company by referring to what is does, where its
plants/offices are located, number of employees, growth pattern, website,
State why you are writing. Name the position, field or general area in which you are
most recent contracts, or stock value.
interested. Tell how you found out about the position and why you want to work for this
Reflect knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the job for which you
company. Check the company web site and mention something about the company that
interests you.
are applying.
Describe the qualifications you posses that match the qualifications
required for the position.
Describe your professional/educational qualifications but do not restate your resume.
Include your qualifications; skills, knowledge, experience, education, and
Sight one or two areas of experience which specifically qualify you for the position.
attitudes that most closely relate to the job requirements.
Emphasize particular areas of experience and training that match those mentioned in the
State any unique qualifications you posses that other applicants may not
job description. Stress why you are unique, special and the perfect person for the
position. If you claim to have certain skills, back these up with examples as proof. Tell
10. End on a positive note and by suggesting an interview. “I would welcome
about a professional or personal accomplishment and the skills you gained or
the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications for
the position. I am excited about the opportunity to work for a company
with the quality reputation of Abcdef Company.”
Close by noting that you have enclosed a copy of your resume and that you will provide
11. Be produced with high quality print on quality paper that matches paper
any additional information requested. Note that you look forward to a future response
used for the resume.
and that you would like to schedule an interview. Include your home phone number
12. Be mailed/delivered unfolded and neatly addressed in a 9x12 inch envelop.
and/or cell phone number. Thank them for their consideration.
For additional information about cover letter writing visit the CAP Center
website at
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