Sample Letter For Parents With Child With Head Lice


Sample letter for parents with child with head lice.
School Letterhead
Dear Parent of Guardian of __________________________________
Head lice or recently laid nits have been found on the hair on your child’s head.
Head lice have nothing to do with cleanliness or parenting skills. Head lice are
spread mostly by direct head-to-head contact. The sharing of hats, combs and
other hair accessories, may also spread head lice, but this is rare.
It is important to treat your child before he/she returns to school. The following
treatments are recommended. Please begin treatment as soon as possible and
send your child back to school so that he/she does not miss opportunities in the
Remove head lice and nits:
• Use a fine-toothed louse or nit comb. These combs may be included
within packages of chemical treatment or you may buy one from most
drug stores or pet supply stores. Combs with metal teeth spaced close
together seem to work best.
• Hair should be cleaned and well-combed or brushed to remove tangles
before using a louse comb. Clean the louse comb frequently to remove
any caught lice or eggs. Some parents report that water, vegetable oils or
hair conditioners help lubricate the hair and ease combing; others report
that these make it more difficult to see the eggs.
• Sit behind your child, and use a bright light (and magnification if needed),
to inspect and comb through the hair, one small section at a time.
• Repeat combing until no more active lice are observed.
• Comb daily until no live lice are discovered for two weeks. It may take
several hours each night for several nights to tackle the problem. An
entertaining video may help keep the child occupied during this time.
• Adult female lice cement eggs to the base of a hair shaft near the skin.
As the hair grows, eggs are moved away from the scalp. Eggs more than
¼ inch from the scalp are nearly always hatched and do not mean live lice
are present.
• Combs, brushes, hats and other hair accessories in contact with an
infested person should be washed in hot water each day to dislodge any
lice or nits.


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