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• Lice and their eggs on objects (e.g. toys) may be killed by freezing
temperatures. Objects that cannot be put in a clothes dryer may be placed
in a freezer (or outdoors if sufficiently cold) for several days. This
treatment is rarely required.
Haircuts: Short hair is more readily searched for lice and eggs, but does not
prevent your child from getting head lice.
Cleaning house or car:
• Lice off the head usually die within a day and the eggs generally cannot
live much longer. Vacuuming the house is recommended, however, a
major cleaning effort will do little to eliminate head lice.
• Using insecticide treatments for home, in vehicles, or on carpets and
furniture are not needed and unnecessarily expose family members to
Please contact me if you have any questions.
School Nurse
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Source: Harvard School of Public Health, Richard Pollack PhD.
Developed November 2002


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