Sample Collection Agency Follow-Up Letter


Date: ______________________
TO: _________________[Credit Issuer]__________________FAX#______________________
ACCOUNT NO. _______________________________REFERENCE NO._________________
FROM: _________[Your Name]___________________________________________________
During a discussion on (Date) with (Name of individual) the following items were discussed:
(Summarize using bullet points if possible).
 My initial documents were received on June 28, 2014
 An investigation proved that the case was indeed identity theft
 That the application and transaction records would be sent to me and my designated law
enforcement investigator
 That a clearance letter would be sent to me within 90 days
 That the company did not intend to file charges with law enforcement at this time as one
of the victimized parties
I did not receive a letter pf clearance. Therefore, I am assuming that if you do not dispute this
correspondence within 10 days, that the above information is true and accurate and that my
records have been cleared. You are to send any corrections to me via certified mail so that you
may show that I received the correspondence or it will be concluded that it was not delivered or
Victim Name: ________________________________ Social Security Number: _____________
Victim Address: ________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________
Victim Phone: _______________________________ Email: ___________________________
Signed: _________________________________________ Date: ________________________


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