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Selection Process
The position is offered to the candidate with the highest mark on the score sheet, after
references have been checked.
A reference is always sought from the current or most recent employer. Both referees are
contacted verbally by telephone and this is followed up with a written reference.
The person who comes second on the score sheet is held in reserve provided she/he meets
the criteria
The successful candidate is officially notified in writing having first been contacted by
Letters of regret are sent to all unsuccessful candidates once the post has been accepted
and within one week of the interviews being held
An induction period is provided for all new employees. Employees are provided with
Information on the role of the service/facility
Information on the roles of other employees
Terms and conditions of employment
Details of salary scales
Staff handbook
Employees are obliged to familiarise themselves with the Policies and Procedures of the
service and to sign up to codes of behaviour as set out by the service.
At Meeting of:
This sample policy is developed by DCCC as a guideline document for childcare services .It is intended
that the policy is adapted to suit each individual service. June 2009


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