Nanny Housekeeper


Job Description:
Responsible To:
Case Manager Jane Hammond-Hawkins
Job Summary:
The Nanny / Housekeeper will work within the client’s home and in the community
as required. This is a live-out position and meals and refreshments will be taken
with the children/family on a day to day basis. A case manager is also in place and
will offer the nanny support and direction. The family consists of a father who works
in the city, a mother who is based at home and four school aged children; two
children have high level Aspergers.
A multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is in place to support the eldest daughter, who has
an acquired brain injury and mobility difficulties following a road traffic accident.
The mother was also involved in the same accident and has suffered an acquired
brain injury. Due to these difficulties we require a Nanny/housekeeper to assist the
mother to run an organised household that supports the rehabilitation programme of
the eldest daughter.
The Responsibilities of the Nanny element of the role
 To support the mothers’ skills, confidence and independence in parenting, as
far as possible, within the limitations of her disability.
 To provide an organised structure to the household that provides consistent
strategies regarding childcare for all four children.
 To provide childcare to supplement aspects of parenting that the Mother finds
difficult to do unaided.
 To provide childcare when the mother is fatigued and needs to rest during
the day.
 To assist the mother to effectively manage any challenging behaviours from
the children using strategies identified by the treating therapists.
 To encourage and facilitate the normal development of the children through
play and contact with peers.
 To assist the mother to provide the children with age appropriate stimulation
and leisure and social activities.
 To assist the mother to take the children out to various activities.
 To promote a daily routine for the children that will promote their health and
wellbeing, in collaboration with the mother, e.g. activity and rest, bedtime
routines, meals etc.
 To maintain a safe environment for the children.
Community Case Management Service Limited. Nanny/Housekeeper Job Description. August 2016


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