Heart Rate Worksheet


Exergame / Active Game Fitness Lesson
Lesson 1– Understanding heart rates and how to calculate average and maximum heart rates
Lesson 2 - Understanding step counts and how particular activities produce an increase in step
counts resulting in increased fitness opportunities
***You will see both lessons today – one will be in the Exergame room and the other lesson will
be conducted in the traditional training facility. The lesson below outlines both lessons.
Grade: 6th
1. Students will actively participate in each station and record their heart rates or step
counts associated with each activity.
2. Students will understand how physical activity affects their step count and the rate at
which their hearts beat
3. Students will complete the Heart Rate or Step Count worksheet with 80% accuracy.
4. Students will work responsibly with their peers 100% of the time.
NASPE Standards: This lesson addresses NASPE Standards 1, 2, 4, and 6
Materials/Equipment: Exergaming P.E. facility and/or traditional equipment, worksheet and
pencils, (optional) Heart Rate Monitor, pedometer / accelerometer (Polar Active Watch)
Cues: Feel the Beat
The teacher will introduce the lesson by briefly explaining the idea of a pulse and heart rates,
the importance of physical activity on the heart, and how the intensity of an activity affects the
heart beat and the number of steps accumulated. The teacher will either discuss how the heart
rate monitors will help students find their heart rates to record on their worksheet so they can
later determine their average and maximum heart rates; or, the teacher will discuss how the
pedometers will provide the students with the nmber of steps they have accumulated during
each activity in order to find a total step count at the end of class. If heart rate monitors are not
available the teacher will review how to manually take a pulse.


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