Instructions For Single Business Tax (Sbt) Credit Carryforwards Form 4569


Instructions for Form 4569
Single Business Tax (SBT) Credit Carryforwards
Find additional information on calculating credit carryforwards
in the “Supplemental Instructions for Standard Members
This form is designed to calculate the amount of the SBT
in UBGs” section in the MBT Forms and Instructions for
Historic Preservation Credit and/or the SBT “New” Brownfield
Standard Taxpayers (Form 4600).
Credit carryforwards that may be claimed for the current
tax year and the credit carryforward to the taxpayer’s next
Line-by-Line Instructions
Michigan Business Tax (MBT) return (subject to expiration, as
Lines not listed are explained on the form.
described below).
Name and Account Number: Enter name and account number
Credit carryforwards are totaled here and then carried to the
as reported on page 1 of the applicable MBT annual return
MBT Nonrefundable Credits Summary (Form 4568) or the MBT
(either the MBT Annual Return (Form 4567) for standard
Miscellaneous Credits for Insurance Companies (Form 4596).
taxpayers, the MBT Annual Return for Financial Institutions
NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2012, only those taxpayers
(Form 4590), or the MBT Insurance Company Annual Return
with a certificated credit, which is awarded but not yet fully
for Michigan Business and Retaliatory Taxes (Form 4588)).
claimed or utilized, may elect to be MBT taxpayers. If a
taxpayer files an MBT return and claims a certificated credit,
Line 2: UBGs: Standard taxpayers, enter the carryforward
the taxpayer makes the election to file and pay under the
amount from Form 4580, Part 2B, line 46, column C. Financial
MBT until the certificated credit and any carryforward of that
institutions, enter the combined total of carryforward amounts
credit are exhausted. A taxpayer making a valid certificated
reported on line 26 of the UBG Combined Filing Schedule for
credit election may also claim the credits on this form.
Financial Institutions (Form 4752) by all members of the group.
General Information
Line 3 : This is the amount of SBT Historic Preservation
SBT Historic Preservation Credit and “New” Brownfield Credit
Credit carryforward that may be used in this filing period.
carryforwards may be claimed against MBT until the SBT Act
Credit recapture is calculated and reported on the MBT
lifespans of those two carryforwards expire.
Election of Refund or Carryforward of Credits (Form 4584).
In addition to the time limitation on their use against MBT,
Line 4 : This is the amount of SBT Historic Preservation
each SBT credit carryforward is limited to the amount of
Credit carryforward to be carried to the taxpayer’s next MBT
MBT liability calculated immediately prior to claiming that
return (subject to expiration rules).
carryforward. If the tax liability after a credit carryforward is
zero, any credit carryforward available after that point will not
Line 6: UBGs: Standard taxpayers, enter the carryforward
be allowed in the current filing period.
amount from Form 4580, Part 2B, line 47, column C. Financial
However, the remainder of this form must be completed to
institutions, enter the combined total of carryforward amounts
calculate the amount of SBT credit carryforward that may
reported on line 27 of Form 4752 by all members of the group.
be available for the taxpayer’s next MBT return (subject to
Line 7: Recapture of MBT Brownfield Redevelopment Credit
expiration rules).
in the current tax year. The amount that should otherwise be
The ability to claim SBT credit carryforwards is available
added to the tax liability may instead be used to reduce the
to standard taxpayers, financial institutions, and insurance
credit carryforward reported.
Line 8 : Carry amount to Form 4584, line 40. (This is the
Special Instructions for Unitary Business Groups
amount of MBT recapture still remaining, and will be used to
reduce the MBT credit reported on Form 4584. Any recapture
All members of a Unitary Business Group (UBG) should
amount remaining after application of the current year credit
combine their SBT credit carryforwards by type. If more
will increase the tax liability.)
than one member of a UBG has the same type of SBT credit
carryforward, the UBG must use the oldest one first. The
Line 1 1: This is the amount of SBT “New” Brownfield Credit
combined credit carryforwards will be applied to the entire
carryforward to be carried to the taxpayer’s next MBT return
UBG’s tax liability. As support, credit carryforwards are
(subject to expiration rules).
reported on a separate entity basis by each standard taxpayer
Line 1 3: Total SBT Credit Carryforwards Used. Standard
member of the UBG on the Unitary Business Group Combined
taxpayers and financial institutions carry this amount to
Filing Schedule (Form 4580).
Form 4568, line 2, and, if applicable, the MBT Credits for
Complete one Form 4569 for the group.
Compensation, Investment and Research and Development (Form
4570), line 23. Insurance companies carry to Form 4596, line 6.
Include completed Form 4569 as part of the tax return filing.


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