Combined Medical Services Examination Page 2


6. Tumours of anterior mediasternum include the following except:
(a) Thymoma
(b) Lymphoma
(c) Germ cell tumour
(d) Schwannoma
7. In India, the commonest cause of unilateral lymphoedema of lower limb is:
(a) Lymphoedema tarda
(b) Carcinoma of penis
(c) Filariasis
(d) Tubercular lymphadenopathy
8. Nottingham prognostic Index is used for:
(a) Cancer stomach
(b) Cancer colon
(c) Cancer lung
(d) Cancer breast
9. A patient has recurrent abdominal pain and jaundice. The blood investigations
reveal reticulocytosis and hyperbilirubinemia. What is the clinical diagnosis?
(a) Hereditary spherocytosis
(b) Mirizzi’s syndrome
(c) Choledochal cyst
(d) Sclerosing cholangitis
10. In gallstone ileus, obstruction most frequently occurs at:
(a) Duodenum
(b) Jejunum
(c) Proximal ileum
(d) Terminal ileum
11. The following conditions are associated with high incidence of pigment
gallstones except:
(a) Cirrhosis
(b) Ileal disease
(c) Thalassemia
(d) Prosthetic heart valve


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