Combined Medical Services Examination Page 20


89. Which one of the following is not a contraindication for prescribing combined oral
contraceptive pills?
(a) Thromboembolic disease
(b) Viral hepatitis
(c) Rheumatic heart disease
(d) Pelvic inflammatory disease
90. The following are used in the staging of carcinoma of the cervix except:
(a) Pelvic lymph node involvement
(b) Vaginal involvement
(c) Hydroureter
(d) Parametrial involvement
91. Presence of signet-ring cells in a cellular or myxomatous stroma is diagnostic of:
(a) Gynandroblastoma
(b) Hilus cell tumour
(c) Struma ovarii
(d) Krukenberg tumour
92. A 58 year old woman, post menopausal for last 8 years comes with history of spotting
per vaginum. What is the most likely cause?
(a) Endometrial hyperplasia
(b) Endometrial carcinoma
(c) Atrophic endometritis
(d) Estrogen replacement therapy
A diabetic obese patient comes with history of post-menopausal bleeding. On
examination, there is a supra pubic mass and per vagina there is purulent discharge. The
probable diagnosis is:
(a) Carcinoma cervix
(b) Carcinoma endometrium
(c) Uterine myoma
(d) Ovarian carcinoma
94. An adolescent girl with stage 1a dysgerminoma is managed by:
(a) Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy alone
(b) Total abdominal hysterectomy with unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
(c) Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy alone
(d) Chemotherapy


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