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12. The most common route of spread in a case of pyogenic liver abscess is:
(a) Haematogenous through portal vein
(b) Ascending infection through biliary duct
(c) Hepatic artery
(d) Local spread
13. The most common complication of pancreas divisum is:
(a) Obstructive jaundice
(b) Duodenal obstruction
(c) Recurrent acute pancreatitis
(d) Peptic ulcer
14. The commonest major surgical complication following whipple procedure is:
(a) Disruption of pancreatic anastomosis
(b) Biliary peritonitis
(c) Disruption of gastric anastomosis
(d) GI bleeding
15. A 60 year old male presents with bleeding p/r. Proctoscopy reveals 2
haemorrhoids. The treatment of choice is:
(a) Cryotherapy
(b) Sclerotherapy
(c) Banding
(d) Surgery
16. At present, treatment is recommended for H. pylori in association with the
following except:
(a) Duodenal ulcer
(b) Early gastric cancer
(c) MALT-lymphoma
(d) Benign gastric ulcer
17. Pott’s puffy tumour is a:
(a) Tuberculosis of the skull bone
(b) Squamous cell cancer of scalp
(c) Subperiosteal abscess associated with osteomyelitis of frontal bone
(d) Fungating scrotal malignancy


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