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102. Deep transverse arrest of head in labour occurs in:
(a) Android pelvis
(b) Anthropoid pelvis
(c) Platypelloid pelvis
(d) Gynaecoid pelvis
103. Early deceleration of foetal heart rate in labour is due to:
(a) Congenital heart block
(b) Umbilical cord compression
(c) Foetal head compression
(d) Hyperpyrexia
104. McRoberts manoeuvre is used during labour for management of:
(a) Normal labour to assist extension of head
(b) Extended arms of breech during assisted breech delivery
(c) Shoulder dystocia
(d) Delivery of after coming head of breech
105. Which one of the following is not a suitable condition for outlet forceps application?
(a) Cervix fully dilated
(b) Membranes absent
(c) Vertex presentation
(d) Head is above ischial spine level
106. Polyhydramnios is not caused by which one of the following?
(a) Anencephaly
(b) Spina bifida
(c) Single kidney
(d) Oesophageal atresia
107. Which of the following is the type of antepartum haemorrhage where blood loss is
(a) Abruptio placenta
(b) Placenta previa
(c) Vasa previa
(d) Cirumvallate placenta
108. Which one of the following conditions is not associated with oligohydramnios during
(a) Post term pregnancy
(b) Ruptured membrane
(c) Intra uterine growth restriction
(d) Oesophageal atresia


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