Instructions For Form Ftb 8633 - California Application To Participate In The E-File Program - 2001


Instructions for Form FTB 8633
California Application to Participate in the e-file Program
General Information
Specific Instructions
To expedite processing, be sure to file a complete application.
Before mailing this application, make sure entries have been
Use this form to apply to participate in California’s
made for:
e-file program (including on-line filing).
• Line 1i, CTEC Number and Surety Bonding Company, if
Program Requirements
you are not an enrolled agent, CPA, attorney or bank
To participate in the program, you must:
Currently be accepted into the IRS e-file Program
• Line 4, Firm’s Organizational Structure; and
as an electronic return originator (ERO) and
• Line 6, Signature.
provide your IRS Electronic Filer Identification
Line 1a – If your firm is a partnership or corporation, enter the
Number (EFIN). Transmitters must provide an
firm’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
Electronic Transmitter Identification Number
Line 1b – EFIN
Note: If you are in the process of applying for IRS
Applicant must be a participant in the IRS e-file Program.
e-file and have not received your identification
California uses the Electronic Filer Identification Number (EFIN)
number, you may file this application now and
assigned to you by the IRS. For FTB to complete the processing
notify us of your IRS identification number upon
of your application, you must include your EFIN on the applica-
receipt. To notify us, see B Contact Information.
tion. If you have multiple EFINs for IRS purposes, enter the EFIN
Agree to comply with the requirements and
you will use for California e-file.
specifications in FTB Pub. 1345, e-file Handbook
Note: If the IRS assigned you a new EFIN, please contact the e-
for Authorized e-file Providers of California
file Help Desk. See B Contact Information.
Individual Income Tax Returns and in FTB Pub.
Line 1c – ETIN
1345A, e-file Handbook Supplement. When you
California uses the Electronic Transmitter Identification Number
are accepted into the program, FTB will mail you
(ETIN) assigned to you by the IRS. If you are planning to
FTB Pubs. 1345 and 1345A.
develop electronic filing software or transmit directly to FTB,
Pass a suitability test (except for software develop-
include your ETIN on the application. If you have multiple ETINs
ers and VITA/TCE sites) that ensures that all
for IRS purposes, enter the ETIN you will use for California
business entities are valid and licensed, all
personal and business returns are timely filed, and
all liabilities are current.
Line 1d – If your firm is a sole proprietorship, enter the name of
Successfully complete an acceptance test of your
the sole proprietor. If your firm is a partnership or corporation,
software only if you will be developing software or
enter the name shown on the entity’s tax return.
directly transmitting returns to FTB.
Line 1e – If, for the purposes of e-filing, you or your firm are
using a name other than the name on line 1d, enter that name
A When and Where to File
on this line.
We accept e-file applications year-round. Send the
Line 1h – Check the box that indicates your firm’s organizational
completed application to:
structure and complete Side 2, if applicable. If a partnership,
e-file PROGRAM MS A-1
enter the number of partners; if a corporation, enter the corpo-
ration number. If other, please specify (e.g., associations, credit
PO BOX 1468
unions). If you will provide electronic filing and/or tax prepara-
SACRAMENTO CA 95812-1468
tion as a service not for profit (e.g., employers/organizations
Send courier or freight deliveries to:
offering service as a benefit to its employees or member,
government agencies, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance/Tax
e-file PROGRAM MS A-1
Counseling for the Elderly (VITA/TCE) sites), please check the
VITA/TCE/Not for Profit box. If you are an out-of-state firm,
please check the Out-of-State box and enclose your most
B Contact Information
recent IRS acceptance letter.
Line 1i – Check the appropriate box and enter the correspond-
If you have any questions, call the e-file Help Desk,
ing number if applicable. If you are not a CPA, EA or an attorney,
Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.,
include your CTEC number and the name of the surety bonding
Pacific Standard Time.
company. FTB will not delay processing of your application if
(916) 845-0353
your bond is in a pending status. However, please notify FTB
(916) 845-0287
with the required bond information upon receipt.
Web address:
FTB 8633 2001
Side 3
(REV 11-2001)


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