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Chaplains – Annual Conference, Orlando
Teaching Tales from Buddhism
December ‘08
The Journey of Grief
Support Group: Sister Mary Elizabeth
Inn; San Francisco, CA
October ‘08
9 Senior executives
Contemplating Death as Metaphor for
Workshop: Proctor & Gamble Corp.;
Organizational Change
Cincinnati, OH
October ‘07
Hospice staff
Caregivers Renewal Retreat
Workshop: Visiting Nurses of New York;
New York City, NY
Sept ‘07
Volunteers & staff
Companioning the Dying,
Daylong Workshop: East Washington
Being Present as a Caregiver
State Caregiver Conference; WA
April ‘07
Compassionate Contemplative Care:
Lecture: Association of Professional
Chaplains – Annual Conference, Pittsburgh
An introduction to the ZHP Approach
Professional Qualifications
 Association of Professional Chaplains, Provisional Certified chaplain
 Ordination to Ministry by Interfaith Seminary of Santa Cruz
 Zen Hospice Project, End-of-Life Counselor
Professional Memberships/Affiliations
 National Hospice and Palliative Care Association
 Association of Professional Chaplains
 San Francisco End-of-Life Coalition
 Professional Grief Caregivers Network
 California Hospital and Palliative Care Association
 American Society on Aging
 California Coalition for Compassionate Care
 New York Center for Contemplative Care, advisory board member
 Buddhist Recovery Network, advisory board member
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