3rd Grade Lesson Plan Format - Math


Math-What Time Is It?
Lexi Rose
Telling and showing time to 5-minute intervals, identifying a.m. and p.m., identifying number of minutes
in an hour and number of hours in a day
A. State Competency-Standard 4 Measurement: 2. Time and Temperature, b. Tell time on a digital
and analog clock to the nearest 5 minute.
B. Objectives for this lesson-The student will be able to:
Telling and showing time to the five-minute interval
Distinguish between events that occur in the a.m. and p.m.
Identify the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day.
C. Materials and Resources-
Pinto, Sara (2006). Clockwise: A Telling Time Tale. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Publishing,
Children’s Books, U.S.A.
Elmo document camera
Time Review (power point presentation #1)
Analog clocks (student and teacher)
Individual white boards
What Time Is It (power point presentation #2)
What Time Is It? worksheet
File Folder games
Time Memory made with Telling Time 240 piece learning set by Learning Playground
purchased at Wal-Mart
Paper Plate Clock Faces for What Time Is It? bulletin board
Arnold’s Busy Day Telling Time [PowerPoint Slides]. Retrieved from SlideShare website:
(presentation #3)
Time Bingo by Frank Schaffer Publications
Crazy Clocks game
D. Instruction
a. Introduction- I will use student analog clocks to review telling and showing time to the
hour, quarter-past, half-hour and quarter-to-the hour that was learned in previous
lessons. I will also assess the students’ prior knowledge of time to the five minutes, a.m.


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