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application letters
Application letters introduce you to a prospective employer and should always be
included when you send a resume. As your cover letter is the first thing an employer
will see, it should be brief and interesting to make sure your resume will be read.
A cover letter should illustrate
Here some tips on preparing a
how your skills and experience
great covering letter:
match the requirements of the
Keep to the point, be sure to
company, and portray you as the
tell the employer how great
perfect fit for the role. For this
you are in relation to the
reason, you cannot design a
specific skills and attributes
standard letter to cover every
that they are looking for.
advertised job, although you can
make your letter versatile so
Keep it simple and under one
that changes can be made for
page in length.
each employer who will read it.
Be sure to ‘mirror’ what they
are asking for in the job
advertisement and tailor
a cover letter for every
job you apply for.
Use positive and upbeat
language to keep the
reader interested.
Do some research on the
Use positive and
company first, a bit of
upbeat language
background knowledge will
to keep the
add substance to your letter.
reader interested
Ensure spelling and grammar
is spot on.
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