Form V.2013 - Visa Application Form Of The People'S Republic Of China (For The Mainland Of China Only)

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Page 1 is not fillable! Scroll to pages 4-7 for fillable application form.
If you have booked Roof of the World tour please contact Viking River Cruises for the proper kit.
Total Cost: One Person - $208
Total Cost: Two People - $395
Cost includes service fees, consular fees* and return shipping.
For delivery outside the contiguous U.S. please add additional $35.00.
For FedEx Overnight Delivery please add $10.00 to above costs.
Please Send to GENERATIONS VISA SERVICE: (see address below)
• Your actual Passport: passport MUST be signed, have two blank pages marked “visa” and six months remaining
validity beyond the travel dates. If you need help securing or updating your passport, including additional visa pages,
please contact GenVisa at 1-800-845-8968 for requirements and fees.
• One (1) recent professional passport photo per person (approx 2x2). Scotch tape to the application form!
• One (1) TYPED (computer generated) and signed visa application form per person. All fields must be filled out! For
fillable PDF application form scroll down to pages 4-7. If you choose to fill out China application by hand please
include additional $39 per person for us to retype it for you.
• Itemized travel itinerary showing flight information and accommodation in China in each traveler’s name.
• Clear copy of Driver’s License or government ID in each traveler’s name as proof of residence.
• If you are a Non-US citizen, legal resident in the US, please include a copy of Green Card.
• Payment: a check or money order payable to GenVisa in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank.
Complete and return this entire form with the requested materials to the address below.
Important: Do not send your passport/materials more than 4 months prior to your China trip date.
Visa processing generally takes 3-4 weeks. If you need your passport returned within 21 days of submission:
add $45 per person for expedited service, within 7 days: add $75 per person for expedited service. These requirements
are for U.S. and Canadian passport holders, for all other nationalities call GenVisa for entry requirements.
*Consular fees and forms are subject to change without notice. For terms and conditions, current requirements,
updated forms and fees please check at:
Last Name: _______________________________________________ First Name: ________________________________________
Last Name: _______________________________________________ First Name: ________________________________________
Return to:
Home or
Business (recommended for security reasons) Name & c/o:_____________________________________
EXACT address: _______________________________________________ Apt/Ste#: _______ Phone: _________________________
City: __________________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: ____________________
Date you need your passport: _________________ Your E-mail address (Important): __________________________________
Departs U.S.: _____________________
Optional insurance: $9.00 per passport: in the unlikely event that your passport is lost or damaged in transit from GenVisa. This will
cover your full out of pocket visa(s) and passport replacement costs up to $2,000. Please check one of the boxes below.
Yes, I have added an additional $9.00 per person for the optional insurance. [FedEx Signature required upon delivery.]
No, I decline the optional insurance and understand that in the unlikely event my passport is lost or damaged,
Generations Visa Service liability is limited to $100. [No signature required upon delivery.]
Mail materials to:
Viking – China
2233 WISCONSIN AVE N.W. #226
WASHINGTON D.C. 20007-4119


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