Resume Writing And Interviewing Skills Page 16


Tips for Interviewing
Eight Fashion Faux Pas
1. Wearing wild nail polish or nails with designs. Opt for
neutral color if you must have it. Make sure nails are
neat and trimmed.
2. Wearing jewelry that jangles or is distracting. No
nose rings, tongue rings, lip piercing, or more than
one pair of earrings in your ears. Understated is best.
3. Open toed or run-down shoes or sneakers.
Borrow or buy a new pair of dress shoes just for
4. Short or tight skirts. Hemlines should be appropriate
– no more than three inches above the knee; skirts
should not reveal too much.
5. Leather jackets, pants or skirts for males or
females. They are not conservative enough.
6. Turtlenecks. Men should wear a shirt with a collar
and a tie. Women should wear a nice blouse.
7. Colorful or printed handbags or briefcases. Leave
the Gucci bags at home.
8. Strong cologne or perfume. Many people are
allergic. It is best not to wear any so that you do
not risk offending your interviewer.
Do’s for Males
• Dress conservatively — a pair of slacks, button
down shirt, tie and sports coat or a suit (when
necessary) are preferred. Most times, a shirt and tie
are adequate. Dress shoes, not sneakers, are best.
Do your research. Research the school or company you
• Wear clean clothes without wrinkles.
are interviewing with — the more you know the better.
• Your appearance should be clean and neat.
Also, take time to familiarize yourself with the company’s
Do’s for Females
• Dress conservatively and modestly. A nice dress
Be prepared. Bring extra copies of your resume, a pen,
skirt and blouse or a pair of slacks and a blouse with a
and paper. Know your resume!
blazer are preferred. Closed-toe shoes are best.
Look sharp. Dress appropriately and professionally.
• Hemlines should be appropriate – no more than
three inches above the knees.
Be on time. Never arrive late or too early to an interview.
• If you wear pantyhose, neutral colors are preferable:
The rule of thumb is to be 10-15 minutes early. If you
no fishnets, wild colors or patterns.
are on time, you are late! The day before the interview,
• Limit the amount of jewelry worn.
you should make sure you have precise directions to the
interview location.
• Your appearance should be clean and neat.
Turn off your cell phone!!!


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