Resume Writing And Interviewing Skills Page 2


Dear Students,
This packet includes important and helpful tips on creating a resume and preparing for an
interview. At some point in your life, each of you will have an interview—whether it’s for a
part-time position, college, technical school, the military, or full-time employment in your
intended career field.
Please read through this packet for it will better prepare you for such an interview. Each of
you will participate in a mock interview and be expected to write a resume. This not only
is a graduation requirement, but it’s a great opportunity to improve your career preparation
Remember to dress professionally and come prepared (i.e., bring your resume and
employment application). Community members will be the interviewers, and they will give
you valuable feedback. Please thank them for their time and insight.
If you have any questions regarding resumes, interviews, and/or careers, please contact
your school counselor.
Thank you,
The HCPSS High School Counselors


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