Resume Writing And Interviewing Skills Page 4


Developing Your Resume
Eleven Resume Guidelines
Begin with an action verb, sometimes modified by an
adverb for added emphasis.
1. Keep it short—one page if possible, two pages at
the most.
2. Include your name, address, phone number,
Directly supervised…
education, and work experience. You may also
Worked closely…
want to include job objective, awards/honors,
clubs/activities/sports, volunteer experiences,
Avoid phrases such as “Responsible for” or “Helped.”
and/or contact information for three references
(*Always ask for permission before using a
person’s name as a reference).
Describe the object of your action using numbers,
3. Be neat—print resume on resume paper.
amounts and other adjectives whenever possible.
4. Spell out words. Do not use abbreviations.
…small concession stand…
Example: Student Government Association, not SGA.
…twelve students…
5. PROOFREAD and SPELLCHECK your resume.
…weekly cash register reports…
Do not solely rely on the computer. Have
…soccer camp members…
someone check over your resume before
submitting it.
Add the outcome or purpose of your action to
6. Be honest about your skills and work experience.
emphasize results. Use number amounts whenever
7. Be concise. Use action words and phrases when
describing your experience.
8. State accomplishments and results, not just duties.
…to support development of players
…increasing revenue by 30% in only three months
9. Include dates of participation. Data should be
…to improve service delivery
organized in time sequence with most recent
…attained 3.50 GPA for the last two quarters
education and experience first (reverse
chronological order).
10. If you plan to play collegiate sports include
Put these elements together to tell the reader what you
pertinent data and statistics.
have done in your previous jobs, especially those things
beyond the basics of your job that will make you stand out
11. If you are using bullets, italics, bold, or any other
from other applicants.
formatting, you must be consistent. Do not put
bullets under one area, then not bullet the rest.
Some examples might be:
Filed medical records for a small doctor’s office to simplify
How to Write Bullet Statements for Resumes
billing procedures.
Describe your work experience and accomplishments in a
Trained and managed six new employees at Six Flags
way that captures the reader’s interest and leads to a job
theme park concession stands.
interview. Use all of the elements for emphasis.
Supervised a soccer camp consisting of twelve students
to support the development of future high school athletes.
Wrote 7-page booklet, “How to Overcome Test Anxiety,”
for middle school students to increase future academic
success. Received an award from English department for
superior writing quality.
(for whom?)
Omit the subject (who?) of your statement. It is
understood to be “I.”


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