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Do YoU HavE WHat it taKES?
, continued
Give a firm handshake. A weak handshake could make
Employers want to hire someone who possesses the
or break a job offer.
following characteristics, abilities, and background:
1. Motivation
Show enthusiasm. Even though you may be nervous, try
2. Maturity
to be calm and make sure you make direct eye contact
3. Personality
with your interviewer. Lean forward to show interest.
4. Hobbies and interests
5. Attitude
Be confident. Do not be afraid to make yourself sound
6. Appearance
great. You are selling yourself to the interviewer!
7. Character
8. Loyalty
Listen. Make sure you have heard and understood what
9. Reliability
the interviewer is asking you. If you are unsure, ask him/
10. Tact
her to repeat what they said.
11. Decisiveness
12. Ability to communicate
Answer the question asked and give specific
13. Common sense
examples. There is nothing worse than being
14. Willingness to work
vague. Concentrate on giving examples of your
15. Perseverance
accomplishments. Accomplishments demonstrate your
16. Alertness
17. Ability to look ahead
18. Prior work experience
Choose your words wisely. Never talk negatively about
19. Leadership skills
previous work experiences. It can give your prospective
20. Ability to work as a team member
employer a bad impression of you.
Be prepared to respond to questions with specific
Ask questions. Your questions indicate your interest in
examples that clearly illustrate these characteristics.
the job (or college). Employers appreciate your curiosity
and interest.
Be yourself. Interviewers want to get to know the type
of person they are considering hiring for the job and how
they are going to act on a day-to-day basis. Pretending to
be someone you are not is going to show through to the
interviewer quite noticeably! Leave slang, gum, and bad
manners at home.
Express thanks. At the end of the interview, express
thanks and appreciation for the interviewer’s time.
Follow up. A personal handwritten thank you card,
email, or a letter lets the interviewer know that you are
interested. If more than one person interviewed you, write
to each person.


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