Guitar 10 Grade Lesson Plan


Guitar 10 Lesson Plan
Subject: Guitar
Lesson: 2 of 3
Grade: 10
Time: 60 minutes
Big Idea/Hook: Now that we know the chord progression l, V, vi, lV on the guitar, we can start to make our
own music and become rockstars!
*The Teacher will begin the class by playing the recordings listed in the Anticipatory Set.
Content Objectives
Language Objectives
Skills/Strategies Objectives
Students will be able to
Students will be able to
Students will be able to write
demonstrate their ability to play
understand vocabulary such as
their own verse using AABB for
the chord progression I V vi IV
chord progression, medley,
ABAB rhyme scheme.
on the guitar in the key of C
poem, rhyme, rhyme scheme,
verse, song as demonstrated by
Students will further develop
the teacher.
their finger and struming
Students will able to write their
technique with the I V vi IV
own verse based on the chord
progression given in class
progression I V vi IV with the
practice time.
rhyme scheme AABB or ABAB
 Students will have their own guitars
 Staff paper, pencils, lined paper (if necessary)
 Computer/Speakers with Youtube access for the video “4 Chords, 35 Songs” on youtube
( )
 Lyrics for the songs “Stronger” and “We Found Love” on overhead sheets
 Wikipedia I V vi IV progression song chart (
Assessment Plan:
Anticipatory Set:
As the students are entering the classroom and setting up, recordings of the following will be playing in the
“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson (Youtube)
 “We Found Love” by Rhianna
Introduction to the subject to be learned:
“Today we’re going to be working reviewing the chord progression l, V, vi, lV in the key of C major and begin
writing our own song with the chord progression and strumming pattern (jokingly add they could be
millionaires just like every other pop singer we’ve studied this unit).


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