Sample Budget Form - Childcare


Number of Weeks of Operation
Number of children: 12 infants, 12 toddlers, 40 preschoolers
Tuition: Infants ~$230 per child per week 5 $143,520 per year
Toddlers ~$185, per child per week 5 $115,440
Preschool ~$125 per child per week 5 $260,000
Fees From Tuition
• As a general rule, calculate approximately 75% of total enrollment for the fi rst year.
• Decide whether you will charge a fl at weekly rate per child or charge by the hour?
• Decide whether you will charge more for a three-hour block (often for preschool
enrichment versus child care)
• Will you charge parents for holidays, sick days, special staff training,
and development days and vacation?
• Will you off er a second-child discount for siblings?
• Will you have a sliding fee scale?
Registration Fees
• Will you charge an enrollment fee per child? How often?
At $50 per child per year
• Will that fee be deducted from tuition charges?
• Will that fee be per child or per family?
Transportation Fees
• Will you charge for providing transportation for children to and from their home
At $50 per child per
week 3 12 children 5
or school to your center? If so, calculate the cost of gas, oil, tires, repairs, and
12 3 52 3 $50 5 $31,200
additional insurance into the fee determination for this service.
USDA Food Program Reimbursement
• If you choose to participate, your potential USDA income will vary
depending upon the income levels of the families you will serve.
Fund-raising and Contributions
• Design a plan to solicit contributions, gifts/donations.
$ 6,000
• How much fund-raising is realistically possible?
$ 5,000
Total Yearly Income
Personnel Considerations:
• Determine your staff /child ratio based on the ages of your children.
• Determine salaries for each position based on the going rate in your area.
• Decide whether you off er higher-than-average salaries to attract candidates with
higher qualifi cations.
• Will you off er paid breaks and lunch periods, paid set-up and closing times,
and paid planning time per week?
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Sample budget form.
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