Sample Letter Of Introduction Template


Ms Emma,
D-2, Whistling Winds Apartments,
Waterloo Archway,
Human Resource Officer,
Reliable Telecommunications Ltd,
Dear sir/madam,
I, Ms Emma, am writing this letter to introduce myself to you. I
am applying for the internship in your esteemed institution. I have
just cleared by Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the Electronics
and Telecommunication Branch. The scores of my examination have
been enclosed along with this letter and I hope these are sufficient to
fetch me the internship for which I am applying. Starting the career
with such an elite name in the telecomm industry shall give the
required acceleration to my career.
The internship shall help me get the foundation for the career which
I have been longing for. I would also like to mention the fact that I
enjoy sound mental and physical health. I am skilled communication
and can adapt to the given context within no time. I am capable of
coping with any amount of work pressure and still can deliver the
desired results.
Yours faithfully,
Ms Emma


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