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A recommendation letter for an employee is usually written to the head of the departments or the
company in case when an employee is leaving a job due to some hectic reasons and someone else of
the company is recommending to the officer or a higher official to manage him/her to stay in the
company. This kind of letter is written in a full formal mode and totally explaining the excellent
qualities of the person being recommended so that he/she should not leave the company.
Letter of recommendation for employee Tips
Some important rules to write a letter of recommendation for employee:
• The letter must be written in a full formal way showing due respect to the receiver and a
required politeness in requesting for keeping the person in the company.
• The letter must contain all the qualities of the person being recommended, mentioned
very clearly, such that it properly shows how important the person is to the company.
• Since the letter is written to a respected person, it must be checked thoroughly for any
kind of errors or mistakes.
• The letter must be ended with proper salutation and thank giving.
Letter of recommendation for employee


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