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Sample Proposal
e P
Summary of Request
Program Title:
Ballet Austin
Community Development through the Arts
Proposed by:
Contact Person
Agency Name:
City, State, Zip
Program Dates:
Amount of Request:
Program Description
Community Development through the Arts is a Ballet Austin initiative that provides small to mid-
size Texas communities with quality arts programming, in-school arts education residencies and
professional development for arts organizations and presenters.
Through this program, the
organization name
will provide the community(s) of
of community(s)
with the following services:
A public, family performance of The Nutcracker
Two days of in-school educational residencies
Docent (public-speaking) training for area schoolteachers and community members to help
them prepare their students and the community for the family performance
Professional development training for community members ( organization name
) in the
areas of marketing and advertising, fundraising, special events, public relations, box office
management and outreach programs
The goal of the Community Development through the Arts initiative is to provide our community
with quality arts programming and to utilize the experience of the Ballet Austin staff to ensure that
the presentation of the events will be successful. Skills gained from the professional development
are transferable and will allow the
organization name
to plan and implement a
comprehensive series of future arts events in our community.
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