6 Months Event Planning Checklist


Set up a planning committee including organizations such as parks and recreation
departments, other area youthserving groups, local sponsors, etc.
Then hold a kick-off meeting to establish goals for the event, assign duties and establish a
meeting schedule.
Consider including youth on the planning committee or even have them plan the entire event!
Identify your target audiences. Who do you want to attend?
Determine the size and theme for the event.
Brainstorm event activities, entertainment and food ideas.
Brainstorm event location options. Be sure to consider access to public transportation,
parking, adequate restroom facilities and shaded/covered areas to escape inclement weather
or summer heat.
If the event is to be held in a public facility, be sure to reserve it now.
Reach out to appropriate local and state officials to extend an invitation and request that they
save the date.
Brainstorm potential sponsors for in-kind and cash donations, and begin contacting them. Go
to for a customizable PowerPoint presentation for your face-to-face
marketing efforts.
Develop a preliminary budget.
Sign on to and register your event in the Event Planning System. To
access the system, click on Event Planner and complete a simple registration form. Details of
your event will automatically appear on dayforkids.org’s Find a Local Event section.
Hold regular planning meetings with your committee.
Follow up with sponsors regarding in-kind and cash donations. If you intend to feature
sponsors on collateral/premiums, secure camera-ready art of their corporate logos. Be sure to
verify any approvals/requirements necessary regarding the use of logos with sponsors.
If you haven’t already, now is the time to select and reserve your event location.
Contact third-party vendors to arrange such things as:
Audiovisual equipment
EMS/first aid
Food and beverages
Location set-up and tear-down personnel
Public transportation
Determine the materials and outside services you will need and contract with outside vendors.
Don’t forget food and beverages, facility set-up, signage, decorations, entertainment,
restrooms and giveaways.
Follow up with elected officials and other dignitaries, and provide more specific event details.
Request that the mayor’s office sign a BGC Day for Kids Mayoral Proclamation. This can be
presented at the event, creating an ideal opportunity to acknowledge the elected officials
support and possibly generate media coverage. Go to to download a
sample proclamation.
Compile the names and addresses of individuals and organizations you would like to invite.


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