Sustainable Event Planning Checklist


Sustainable Event Planning Checklist
1. What is the purpose of the event?
2. Are there key attendees from specific departments or industries that we need
to be aware of and/or handle in a special way?
3. Will there be any special departments or industries that need to be
4. Is including UC Davis campus-produced foods a priority or focus of the
event? If yes, which are you interested in?
5. Is local, seasonal, organic, humanely raised animal products or fair trade
important? If so, what priority should be given to each item?
6. Is including vegetarian and vegan items a priority? Do you expect a higher
number than average of vegetarians or vegans to attend this event?
7. Will food labels with sustainability designations be required for all food
8. These items are frequently more costly than conventional items, will your
budget support the additional expense (estimated 20-40% higher, depending on
9. Will re-usable china, sustainable compostable bamboo ware, or standard
compostable paper products be required?


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