Wofford College Behavior Contract Travel Study Interim Projects


Wofford College Behavior Contract
Travel/Study Interim Projects
I understand that while participating in this Travel/Study Interim Project off
campus, I am bound by the Wofford College Code of Student Rights and
I recognize that as a participant in the Travel/Study Interim Project my conduct
can have an effect on the educational and other benefits intended by the Project, both for
myself and other participants. I agree that I will conduct myself in a manner that will
support mutually beneficial interactions with other students, and is consistent with the
social and legal standards of countries I might visit as a part of the trip (recognizing that
such standards might be significantly different from those at Wofford College,
Spartanburg, SC). Excessive use of alcoholic beverages, loud and abusive behavior
toward others, sexual harassment, use of drugs for other than medicinal purposes, use of
abusive language, unauthorized absenteeism and/or unwillingness to cooperate with other
members of the class, or the Faculty Sponsor(s) are all unacceptable behaviors for myself
and other participants.
I understand that such actions, and/or other behavior of a similar nature or impact
which, in the sole opinion of the sponsoring faculty, might be damaging to the Project, or
other participants, may lead to dismissal. I agree that I will receive no refunds for any
missed part of the trip, and I am responsible for any additional fees that may incur due to
Name of Participant (printed): __________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________________________
Signature of Parent (Guardian): _________________________________________
Date: __________________________________


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