Behavior Contract And Info Sheet


What a privilege it is to have your child in CPM Drama Club this year!!! Our auditions will be in
December and rehearsals will start in January. So that everyone is aware of the expectations of the
members and parents of Drama Club, please read the following rules with your child. Please have
both the child and a parent sign it, return at the first meeting or rehearsal and keep this sheet for
Since this is a large undertaking, we require that each parent participate in some way. A list of the
committees is located on the registration form. If you have questions about the responsibilities
associated with each, please see the Drama Club Coordinator or a Committee Member.
A list will be established with ALL the actors’ names. Attendance will be recorded and when a rule is
broken, at the discretion of the committee member, a strike will be posted next to the child’s name.
Three (3) strikes next to the child’s name and they will be removed from the Drama Club.
Behavior Expectations for Club Members & their Parents / Guardians
1. I will show respect at all times to other members and to the adults in charge
2. I will be at every rehearsal and complete my assignments on time. I may have lines/songs
to practice at home.
3. I understand that drama rehearsal is not an excuse for missed work or absence from
4. I will arrive on time and be picked up on time to and from rehearsal. Committee members
are not responsible for children after rehearsals as they may have other responsibilities.
5. I will not bring iPods, DS’s, Radios, or cell phones to practice.
6. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
7. I will stay in designated areas at all times
8. I understand I must pay the participation fee and sign this contract before I receive my
part assignment in the play. (If you are financially unable to pay, please see a committee
member.) Make check payable to CPM PTA/Drama for $20.
9. The drama committee, the school administration and the staff reserve the right to remove
me from the Drama Club if I am in violation of this contract.
Photo Release: Please note on the registration that you have completed the Milford Public
School release.


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