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Appendix A
This initial estate planning questionnaire is presented in a narrative form. The detailed explanations and
the space provided for answers are designed to garner more complete and helpful information than
would be afforded by merely filling in blanks.
The purpose of this questionnaire
Your lawyer will use the information you provide in this questionnaire:
1. To help you organize personal and financial information so that you can assess your current
estate plans and evaluate whether changes are desired or required.
2. To provide your estate planning attorney with the information needed to make a similar
3. To help you evaluate your lawyer's estate planning recommendations. The estate plan is your
plan, not your lawyer's, and you must be satisfied that it is workable.
The information you provide must be as accurate as possible. If you are uncertain about exact
information, tell your lawyer that and give your best assessment. If your lawyer believes that exact
information is required, he or she will ask you to be more precise. You may provide as much or as little


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