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Sample Cover Letter 1​ _ ____________________________________________________________
James Dean
21 Jump Street
San Diego, FL
October 29, 2014
Name of Person
Name of Organization
1234 Their Street
Boston, MA 02215
Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
First Paragraph:​ State your interest in the position, where you heard about it, and why you
are applying, including one or more sentences referring to your particular interest in the
organization and its goals, directions, etc. In providing this information, you may want to
briefly summarize some pertinent qualification which links you to the job (e. g. “After ten
years’ management experience in two different non‐profit institutions, I was most interested
to learn that “X” is seeking a new Executive Director.”)
Second paragraph:​ Highlight key experiences or accomplishments which illustrate that you
have the skills necessary to do the job. Spell out in greater detail than may appear on your
resume, emphasizing personal qualities (if appropriate) as well as sequence of events.
Third paragraph:​ Discuss personal philosophy, interests other special qualities or knowledge
and how these relate to the position or institution to which you are applying.
Closing paragraph:​ Suggest your enthusiasm for being interviewed. Include your telephone
number and hours when you can be reached, in addition to your primary email address. Offer
to provide further information if so desired.
Your name


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