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Sample Cover Letter 2​ _ ____________________________________________________________
James Dean
21 Jump Street
San Diego, FL 90210
October 29, 2014
Name of Person
Name of Organization
1234 Their Street
Boston, MA 02215
Dear Ms./Mr. Last Name:
I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Graphic Designer/Illustrator that
appeared on ​ M ontserratWorks ​ , the online job/internship board at Montserrat College of Art​ .
Design Within Reach ​ captured my interest as an organization when it was featured in the
Boston Globe last January. At the forefront of contemporary culture, your organization is a
leader in design trends. My interest in furniture and graphic design has led me to ​ D esign
Within Reach ​ as an organization committed to excellent contemporary design.
I am currently in my final year of the BFA Program and will be graduating in 2016. I am a
versatile designer and know that my skills would bring a distinctive look to your marketing
materials. As an experienced leader in marketing exhibitions on campus, both my design
sense and creative thinking skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.
As you can see from the enclosed samples of my work, I use a variety of media in my images.
After becoming familiar with the distinctive illustrations you use to complement the editorial
pieces in your marketing publications, I am confident that my work is ideally suited to this
Attached you will find my resume and several samples of my work for your review. Although I
will not be available for full‐time work until June, I would appreciate this opportunity to
meet with you sometime within the next few weeks to discuss any possibilities for
employment with your company.
Thank you for your consideration.
Your name


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