Sales And Marketing Manager Job Description


Sales and Marketing Manager Job Description
About NanoIntegris:
NanoIntegris is the first and leading supplier of 99% pure semiconducting and metallic carbon nanotubes.
Founded in 2007, NanoIntegris spun out of Professor Mark Hersam’s research group at Northwestern
University. NanoIntegris serves over 300 customers from around the world ranging from research
universities to Fortune 500 companies. Our customers are developing next generation electronic,
biomedical, and industrial technologies such as: transistors, transparent conductors, chemical sensors,
drug delivery vehicles, photonic devices, saturable absorbers, bio sensors, metal composites, and
polymer composites. In the last year, our customers have published papers in Nature Nanotechnology,
Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Applied Physics Letters, and JACS. NanoIntegris’ ability to purify carbon
nanotube materials to 99% purity, and then sort nanotubes by diameter, length, and electronic type is
creating new, exciting opportunities in carbon nanotube science and commercialization.
Job Title: Sales and Marketing Manager
Supervisor Title: Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Statement about NanoIntegris’ Culture:
NanoIntegris is a small, fast growing nanotechnology company. The founding team has a “whatever it
takes” attitude and is seeking a candidate with similar values, commitment, and work ethic. The
company hires individuals who are quick learners with unusual curiosity that thrive under pressure and
enjoy challenge.
Objectives of this Position:
1. Sell carbon nanotubes to our existing customer base and prospective customers
2. Collect, synthesize, and report on market intelligence gathered from customers
3. Make NanoIntegris the most “customer-centric” nanotechnology company on Earth
4. Free up time of the VP of Sales and Marketing so that he can focus on business-critical duties
You should make yourself someone the VP “couldn’t live without”
Job Responsibilities:
1. Sales
a. Contact customer base via telephone and email; sell nanotubes to them
b. Contact prospective customers via telephone and email; sell nanotubes to them
c. Develop weekly reports to track sales performance


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