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Henry County Consultation
Plan of Action
Pre-observation visit
Request Henry County to send by Monday, November 29, 2004:
• Sample of goals/objectives related to current students’ IEPs especially for
language/communication and sample lesson plan addressing IEP goals
• Current weekly schedule followed by teacher /instructional assistants and
• List of current materials/resources used for 4 core subjects
• Short summary of assessment tools used by teacher
On site:
Have available the scope and sequence plan used by regular ed teachers in Henry
County for the comparable grade level(s).
One day visit to school will include:
• Observation of at least 3 lessons
• Meeting with teacher/assistants/interpreters (either group or individual) for their
input of need
• End of day meeting with staff for preliminary reporting
Possibly address strengths/areas of need observed
o do a clarification of needs to be addressed in report
Post-report to Henry County by Friday, December 17, 2004 to include:
• Summary of visit/meeting/recap of areas to be addressed
• Possible sample weekly schedule/plan
• Classroom management suggestions/plan
• List of suggested resources/assessment tools/procedures
• Research possible mentor (in Roanoke area?)
Consultation Fee:
$650 – one day visit/report
plus travel, meals and lodging costs
(mileage billed at state rate)
$350 – follow up visit if requested
Visit scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004.
(Note: I would travel on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 30 and be at school on Wednesday from
8:30 or 9 am to 4:00 pm. Return to Richmond Wednesday evening.)


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