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Knowledge and skills
1. List typical education and experience
Explain the typical education and/or experience required. Remember to consider licensing
requirements, special training and equivalencies.
2. List specific skills and give examples of how they apply to this role
The following are examples of specific skills and how they may be relevant. Your organization will
likely require a different combination. Consider the depth of each skill required.
(E.g., “Negotiate corporate partnerships or acquisition agreements” or “Greet callers in a friendly
manner as they arrive at reception.”)
Customer focus (may be internal or external)
(E.g., “Follow up with customers to ensure their requests have been addressed” or “Work closely
with clients on controversial or sensitive issues to rectify problems or improve their experience.”)
Problem solving
(E.g., “Resolve scheduling conflicts to coordinate meetings” or “Investigate major design
challenges to improve product effectiveness.”)
Job specific skills
(E.g., application level programming skills, advanced knowledge of laboratory protocols)
(E.g., “Coordinate work of three team members” or “Is responsible to hire, train, motivate and
discipline employees.”)
(E.g., “Find new ways to achieve better results within job” or “Research and develop new
products using leading-edge platforms.”
(E.g. “Organize and maintain calendar(s) for the founder(s)” or “Manage new product
implementations from design through to production and distribution.”
Provide details about the type of physical and mental effort that is required, including duration and intensity.
Describe requirements such as any lifting, excessive standing/sitting, travel, unusual degree of
concentration or focus, and so on. If this is not applicable, state “normal office environment.”


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