Observation Analysis Paper Template


**Please use the example of an Analysis of Observation provided as a template for all analysis papers.**
Step 1: Summarize what was observed.
1A. Background Details:
Develop a chart that identifies:
a. Site Visit Number(s)
b. Day(s) of the week
c. Date(s)
d. Grade level(s)
e. Subject(s)
1B. Students
On average, how many students were present during the observation(s)? Based on the observation(s),
describe the diversity of the students. Refer to IPTS 1A for details regarding diversity.
1C. Adults
How many other adults were in the room? Describe their roles (e.g., parent, co-teacher, teacher’s aide,
student teacher, special education teacher).
1D. Summary of Observation(s)
Using your Site Visit Notes and focusing on the appropriate Performance Activity/ies, provide 3-4 sentences
summarizing what was observed in each Site Visit. Using the performance activities, provide clear examples
which support the given IPTS.
Remember that a summary focuses on retelling the main events of the observation in your own words. No opinion or
analysis should be part of your summary.
Step 2: Analyze observation(s) and the connection(s) to the standard/indicator. In this analysis, closely examine
the observation(s) to understand the parts and ways they work together. Focus on the connection(s) between the
observation(s) and the explicit standard/indicator the observation(s) addressed. Be sure to support all claims with
specific examples from the observation(s).
Step 3: Analyze what was observed and its impact on student learning. Using classroom data and anecdotal data
from the observation(s), analyze the way in which what was observed impacts student learning. Consider the way
specific characteristics of students in the observed class(es) (e.g., developmental characteristics, previously
demonstrated academic performance/ability and special needs, socio-economic profile, ethnicity/cultural/gender
make-up, special needs and language) impact decisions regarding instruction and assessments, especially in terms of
the explicit standard on which the observation(s) focused. Provide specific numbers whenever possible. Be sure to
support all claims with specific examples from the observation(s).


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