Event Business Plan Template Page 6


4. Event Requirements
This section should outline what is required on an operational level to deliver the event:
Facilities – what facilities are required in terms of public utilities, accommodation (on and off
site), catering, communication, other technology (such as timing equipment for sporting
events), etc
Services – what services will be required and who will provide them: medical, police, child
protection, fire, traffic management, health & safety, security, media, etc
Production – detail the production equipment required such as power, fencing, staging,
sound, lighting, vision, heavy plant, etc
Legal & Insurance – consider the implications of contractual arrangements and the
necessary insurance required to cover all aspects of the event
5. Marketing & Communications Plan
Details of how to construct an effective marketing and communications plan can be found on
the Funding and resources pages of the EventScotland website:
6. Financial Plan & Considerations
This section is crucial. You need to show that the event is financially viable and achievable.
EventScotland recommend that you utilise the ‘Annual Budget Template’ below. If this is not
possible, we recommend that you include, at a minimum, the following:
Income and Expenditure Projections – present detailed event budgets and cash flow
projections for the period of the plan
Economic Impact Estimation – the additional income that holding the event will bring to
your area/economy


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