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Schedule B2
If the game is already in play, remove
To determine the total fund loss, total
How to Report a Fund Loss
it from play immediately and contact the
Columns G through K, and enter the results
Report a game with fund losses on
Department of Revenue to report the defect.
on Schedule B2, line 16. Then, subtract the
Schedule B2. Complete a separate fund loss
(A game is “in play” if one ticket has been
Column K total from the Column J total.
Schedule B2 for paddleticket, tipboard and
sold to a player.) Report the game on a sepa-
Add any missing starting cash bank. The
pull-tab games. Do not report games with
rate Schedule B2 for the period checking the
result is your total fund loss.
fund losses on the same schedule as played
“Defective” box at the top of the schedule.
Destroying Games
Contact the Department of Revenue for
If there are not enough game remnants to do
Form G7410, Lawful Gambling Defective
Unplayed Games
an audit, or if the game has been tampered
Game Report for Games in Play, and
with, contact the Department of Revenue.
Bingo Paper
instructions on where to send the game.
If you wish to destroy bingo paper, contact
Complete Columns A through F of Schedule
Missing Games
the Department of Revenue and ask to
B2 and check the box “Reported as fund
speak to an auditor to arrange for a delivery
You are 100 percent accountable for the
loss” at the top of the form.
games you purchase. We keep track of pur-
Column G: Enter the dollar value of tickets
chased games through monthly distributor
not sold at the time of the loss. If reporting
Barcoded Games
reports of games sold. Games are tracked by
the game at ideal net receipts, enter zero.
If you have a pull-tab, tipboard, paddle-
barcode data (manufacturer ID, part number
ticket, or raffle board game that you do not
and serial number).
Column I: Add the dollar values of each
want to put into play, or a damaged game
redeemed winning ticket and enter the total.
Periodically, you may receive a “missing
that cannot be put into play, contact your
If reporting the game at ideal net receipts,
game” letter from our office. It will include
distributor first to see if you can get credit
enter the amount from Column J.
a list of games you purchased that have not
for the cost of the game and/or tax paid on
been reported on a return as played. You will
Column K: Count the cash received from the
the game.
be asked to report the status of the games in
game. Subtract from the total any starting
question (e.g., unplayed, unopened inven-
If you cannot get credit for the game, con-
cash bank, and enter the result in Column K.
tory; played and reported on Schedule B2
tact the Department of Revenue to speak
If only some cash is lost or stolen, your cash-
and Form G1; returned to distributor for
with an auditor. You will be directed to
in-hand may be positive (see Example F).
credit; missing, etc.).
either destroy the game or send the game to
us so we can destroy it.
If you cannot account for a game, con-
Example F—Fund loss: Some cash lost or stolen
Report the game on a Schedule B2 and
tact the Department of Revenue for proper
1. Cash count at end of game
check the box for “Destroyed with Revenue
reporting of the game on your monthly tax
including starting bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300.00
approval.” Complete a separate Schedule
return. You must pay any tax liability due.
2. Starting bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200.00
B2 for each type of destroyed game (pull-
3. Column K: Cash-in-hand
Reported as a Fund Loss
tabs, tipboards or paddletickets).
(subtract step 2 from step 1) . . . . . . . . . . . 100.00
A fund loss by questionable means is defined
You will be required to send us the
as missing cash or inventory resulting from
If some or all of the cash is lost or stolen,
unplayed game and a copy of the
theft, burglary or unknown causes. A fund
including the starting cash bank, your cash-
Schedule B2 on which it was reported. We
loss can include:
in-hand may be zero (see Example G). For
will send you a certified Schedule B2 along
fund losses, any missing starting bank is
with a written receipt that the game was
• Games that were never played
calculated separately from the game. You
received and destroyed. You must keep the
• Games that were partially played but had
will need to reimburse the starting cash bank
receipt in your permanent gambling records
no receipts deposited
from your gambling account.
for at least 3½ years.
• Games that were partially played and had
some receipts deposited
If you destroy unplayed games without
Example G—Fund loss: All cash lost or stolen
• Missing cash banks
receiving approval, the game will be treated
• Closed games with missing cash
1. Cash count at end of game
as a missing game. Contact the Department
including starting bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.00
of Revenue for instructions on reporting
When you discover that a game has a fund
2. Starting bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200.00
this game on your next monthly tax
loss, report it to local law enforcement
3. Column K: Cash-in-hand
(subtract step 2 from step 1
if zero or less, enter zero) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.00
• Within 24 hours for a loss from a pull-tab
Games Destroyed During a Natural
dispensing device
Skip Column L: You should not report cash
• Within five days of the discovery for all
shorts or longs when reporting a fund loss.
If unplayed games, games in play and/or
other forms of gambling
played game remnants are destroyed by a
Column M: Fill in date pulled.
If the court orders restitution, or if you
natural disaster (e.g., fire, flood, tornado,
receive insurance reimbursement, contact
etc.), contact the Department of Revenue
the Department of Revenue.
for instructions.


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