Minnesota Lawful Gambling Tax Instructions Booklet - Minnesota Department Of Revenue Page 11


Schedule B2
Played Games
Sample barcode label sheet
Remnants from played games may be
destroyed after 3½ years from the time
the games were reported played on
Barcode Label Sheet
your monthly Form G1. Games must be
destroyed by shredding, burning, soaking or
Attach barcode labels to this sheet in the same order as the games are reported on Schedule B2. Use
Federal ID Number (FEIN)
Minnesota Tax ID
License Number
separate sheets for each type of game reported or game status and each site.
other form of complete destruction.
Name of Gambling Site
Site Permit Number
Month/Year Reported
If played games are destroyed prior to the
Total Barcodes
Type of Game (check one)
Paper Pull-Tabs
Progressive Pull-Tabs
Game status: These labels are from games (check one)
this Page
Progressive Tipboards
Raffle Boards
Reported as a Fund Loss
3½ years, an assessment may be made
based on ideal net receipts.
Sending Barcode Labels with
Schedule B2
There are three barcode labels with each
• One label attached to the box
• One label attached to the flare
• One label loose inside the box (or loose
under the shrink wrap)
You must send in the loose barcode label
from each game with your monthly return.
If you file electronically, you do not have
(Rev. 12/15)
to send in barcode labels.
Attach the label to the barcode label sheet
If there is no loose barcode label in the
available on our website. Place the labels
game, you must print the manufacturer’s ID
in columns (see sample on this page) in
number, the part number and serial number
the same order as the games are listed
on the label sheet in the space where you
on Schedule B2. Use separate pages for
would have placed the loose label. Get the
played, fund loss, defective and missing
information off the label on the game or
games. If you have more than one gambling
flare. Refer to the sample barcode label on
site, separate the pages by site.
page 8 to identify the information.
Arrange the pages by gambling site in the
Print the information clearly in the same
order of played games, fund loss games,
order as it is on the game label and draw a
defective games and missing games,
box around it.
and place in the prescribed order (see
Assembling Your Return on page 5).
The label information is read by our scan-
ning system and matched with game
When attaching the barcode labels:
information provided by distributors. As a
result, we can track the games and notify
• Make sure each barcode can be read. Do
you of any “missing” games (i.e., games you
not overlap barcode labels
purchased that have not been reported on a
• Do not cut barcodes
monthly return).
• Do not send in duplicate barcodes
For defective or destroyed games, contact
• Do not staple, overlap, tape, fold or ar-
the Department of Revenue.
range the barcodes out of order
Keep the barcode records for at least 3½
• Do not send in photocopies of the


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